About Us

Robin and Andrea St. Clair both trained at Fellside Alexander School in the English Lake District. After successfully completing the three year training course, they went on to do postgraduate work at Alexander training schools in London and Oxford. Andrea & Robin are married, with one young son.

Robin St. Clair MATI, MSTAT

Robin St.Clair From a background in music, I have worked in various areas, from the Ambulance Service to management in a retail business. I was initially attracted to the Alexander Technique by the enhanced wellbeing, freedom and increased personal potential that it made possible. I went on to qualify as a teacher of the Technique in 1993.

In addition to our private teaching practice, I also teach Alexander Technique at St. Mary's Music School in Edinburgh. Until recently, I was Assistant Chair of ATI, one of the main world-wide professional organisations for Alexander Teachers, and currently I represent ATI in the negotiation process to establish a Self Regulatory Body for the Alexander Technique teaching profession in the UK.

Andrea St. Clair MSTAT, MYS, MBirthlight

Andrea St.Clair I first came to the Alexander Technique to find ways of playing the cello & practicing Yoga that didn't give rise to aches in the neck & shoulders. I continued learning the Technique because with it I felt better, lighter & easier, mentally as well as physically, in all areas of life, including my job in a busy office environment in the computing industry.

In the late '80s, I considered training as a Yoga teacher, but realised I wanted a deeper knowledge of the Alexander Technique first; so I embarked on an Alexander teacher training course, & qualified in 1992. A few years later, I trained as a Yoga teacher & developed my own style of practising & teaching Yoga based on my understanding & experience of the Alexander Technique.

A major strand of my work, with parents during pregnancy & after childbirth, came into being from the mid 90s when I worked closely with an experienced childbirth educator. I was involved in establishing the Birth Resource Centre in Edinburgh with which I maintain a strong connection.

I currently teach both Alexander Technique & Yoga as well as being very involved in the home education of our son.

Music and Performance

Robin and Andrea have a continuing interest in applying the Alexander Technique to the demands of music and performance. They have run workshops in the Technique at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival for several years, and continue to work with a wide variety of musicians and performers of all types. Andrea is also a visiting teacher at the Lochaber Music School based in Fort William.

Professional Associations

Alexander Technique International (ATI) and The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) both publish registers of certificated Teachers of the Alexander Technique, who have undertaken to abide by a code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.

Yoga Scotland (YS) and Birthlight are the Yoga professional associations of which Andrea St.Clair is a teaching member.